Our wide range of services offers you cleaning solutions for your office or workplace. We use the most effective methods to deep clean to the highest standards and to reach areas that every day cleaning doesn’t get to. 

Office kitchenette
Office washroom


Clean kitchens and staff food preparation areas are essential for staff health and well-being. All surfaces are degreased, cleaned and sanitised with food grade anti-microbial chemicals to leave them hygienic as well as looking clean.


In order to eradicate the germs and bacteria that can build over time in wash-rooms, we have developed a very specific deep clean system for your workplace toilets. Our team use super-heated steam and industry approved chemicals, (as well as plenty of elbow grease!!), to cut through dirt, body oils and grime so you can provide a clean and hygienic environment for your staff.



Typically, the average work desk is 400 times dirtier than the average toilet seat, with a computer mouse harbouring three times more germs than a toilet handle. We deep clean and disinfect all IT equipment to reduce infection being transmitted from one worker to another. Cleaning keyboards, computer monitors, mouses, desk telephones and, of course, the desk itself, is important for the work environment.



Often overlooked, (under-looked??!!), dirty ceiling tiles can not only spoil the whole appearance of an office, it can harbour germs and bacteria. An annual or bi-annual deep clean can brighten up an office and the staff won’t even realise why!




With our brilliant Thermo Tech machine we are able to clean older buildings, without the risk of damaging the surface, by using hotter than normal water which means we use less pressure. Ergo, less impact on the stone.

Car Parks.

From straight forward jet washing and sealing of brick block paving, tarmac or concrete to special techniques for resin surfaces, on which power washing is not recommended, we can tailor our services to suit your needs.

A demonstration test clean can be undertaken free of charge and at no obligation to you, so you can judge our service. We are always honest with our clients and give the best advice we can.


We have adapted our techniques to use less than half the water other companies use on most surfaces and even less on resin covered surfaces.


BIO-MISTING (fogging)

Spread a light mist of virus killing sanitiser around your whole office or house. Offers protection in undisturbed areas for weeks. Higher use areas should be topped up at regular intervals using a cloth and a chemical which we can supply.